EcoTrail™ is a lighthearted nature learning trail across 2.6 hectares of lush private farmland and clear blue skies! The unique vibrancy and diversity of the farm encompasses multiple living ecosystems that make up what we call the ‘web of life’!

Enjoy a day out in nature as our guides bring you through different terrains, where you’ll learn, experience and interact with the living nature all around us!

Limited Dates: Last Day on 31st Dec (Land Reclamation)

Time: 9am to 5pm (last tour)

Age Group: Kids 3 & above

Duration: 1.5hrs per guided tour (max 20 pax)

Location: 91 Lorong Chencharu (Yishun)

Join us at EcoTrail™ while we hike as we learn, see and experience the ‘Web of Life’ – 3 living ecosystems that are diversely unique, yet intricately intertwined in their roles to life on planet earth!

The Plant & Water Ecosystem is made up of plants, water and fishes that exist together in a bubble of life – harvesting the energy of the sun to provide oxygen, regulating our climate and purifying our water!

– Organic Greenhouse Farm
– Aquatic Plants & Organisms
– Venus Flytrap (Carnivorous Plant)
– Solar Plant

The Animal Ecosystem is one of the most diverse, with various types of animals – vertebrate/invertebrate/mammals from all walks of life in different stages of the food chain.

– Silkie, Polish & Kampong Chickens
– Ducks & Geese
– Guinea Pigs
– Birds (Canary, Budgerigars, Lovebirds, Finches)
– Frogs
– Egg Incubators

The Insect Ecosystem forms the biological foundation for all terrestrial ecosystems – cycling nutrients, maintaining soil fertility, dispersing seeds and providing a source of food!

– Earthworms
– Praying Mantis
– Grasshoppers
– Stick Insect

Guided Leisure Trail + Nature Sightseeing (1.5hr)

Learn about our Boundless Nature and the ‘Web of Life’

Upclose Observation of Various Ecosystem & Species

Fun Farm Activities (Planting, Feeding, Petting)

Printed Learning Guide & Activity Book

Learn about various aspects of nature and how they all come together!

The Web of Life
(Nature’s Ecosystem):

• Learn how different ecosystems and species intertwine to maintain the health and balance of nature!

• Learn and appreciate the very processes that leads to the daily food on our table.

• Live viewing & demonstrations of solar farms, ant-feeding, venus flytrap, egg incubators & more!

Plants & Farming

  • Different types of plants
  • Roles in the their respective ecosystem
  • Different ways to farm (hydroponics, vertical, aquaponics, solar etc)


  • Different breeds of birds and respective roles in the ecosystem
  • Reproductive stages
  • Roles in the food chain


  • Different types of mammals
  • Types of reproductive cycle
  • Roles in the ecosystem of life
  • Mammal food chain


  • Insect Anatomy
  • Types of Reproductive Cycles
  • Overlooked roles of insects that are crucial components of multiple ecosystems

Solar Power (Sun)

  • Nature’s harvesting of energy from the Sun
  • Human’s harvesting for energy from the Sun
  • Conversion of energy in various ecosystem


  • What is an incubator
  • How does an incubator work?
  • Roles of incubators in our web-of-life
  • Live: Incubation process


The entire guided walk is 1.5hrs and approximately 2km in distance
Ecotrail™ is most suitable for families with kids 3 and above. There is no age limit for adults!
Not at all! We’ll be walking at a very comfortable pace in open spaces and stopping at multiple areas to explore various ecosystems.
Yes it is! Every group will be accompanied with a dedicated guide and assistants. You will also be provided with boots to wear over your shoes for additional safety.
There is no specific requirements on attire so just come in what is comfortable for a walk!
Raincoats will be provided for light drizzles and we will stop over at sheltered areas during heavy rains. Safety boots are also provided at the start of the tour to prevent slips and your feet from getting wet! For prolonged rain/thunder storms, we will assist to reschedule your tour as it would not be safe to carry on the trail.
Definitely not! Our guides will be sharing the information in a fun and lighthearted manner for adults and kids. Learning guides with activities will also be provided to help you understand better 🙂
We're at 91 Lor Chencharu (Yishun). You can walk here from Khatib MRT Station!
Kids below 12 will require at least 1 adult guardian for safety purposes!
With the ease of measures we do not have a limit to group size at the moment, we can take up to 20 pax at a go!
Due to a maximum capacity limit of 20 pax per tour, only infants below 1yr old do not require a ticket to join the trail!
Every available timeslot enjoys relatively cool weather at the farm due to its nature. Also, every station/stop is sheltered so you will not be in direct sun!
As the tour will start on the dot, please reach 5-10 minutes ahead of your tour to complete your registration!
Following the safety measures, individuals above 12 years old have to be fully vaccinated to join the tour.

EcoTrail will be closed by 31st Dec due to government land reclamation.
Book your tickets below to join us for a multi-ecosystem, nature learning adventure like no other!

Closing Promo (by 31st Dec): $25 $23 per ticket
(inclusive of animal feeds)